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Monday, May 31, 2010

How to plan & plant a veggie garden

This is the time of year to get your veggies planted.  Normally I would have planted mine a couple weeks earlier however, I wanted to plan the harvest time for when my fruit trees are bearing fruit so everything is ready at one time for my preserves this fall.  Here are a couple of tips to get your veggie garden planned and planted:

1) Start with good organic soil.  You can even use the soil from your compost.
2) Mound the soil up to ensure proper drainage.
3) Veggies need a minimum of 6 hours of day light so plan your garden accordingly.
4) Plant larger plants to the east and/or to the back of your garden so they don't block the smaller plants from the sunlight.
5) Plant smaller plants to the west and/or to the front of your garden.
6) Plant veggies at least 12" apart for proper growth and the ability to weed throughout the growing season.
7) Put a tomato cage over your tomato plants early so they can grow comfortably within the cage.  It's a lot easier to do early on vs. when the tomato plants are larger.
8) Water every 2-3 days.
9) Be sure to pinch your tomato suckers as they grow to ensure all the energy heads to the fruit and look out for our future blog on "tomato suckers".
10) Break up egg shells at the base of veggies, especially your tomato plants for nutrients through the growing season.

With these steps you will be well on your way to a healthy veggie garden and within months, you will have numerous/organic veggies at your finger tips.
Happy Gardening!

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