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Friday, April 30, 2010

Spring Clean Your Closet

It’s the time of the year to change over your wardrobe from winter to spring/summer. Having a well organized, seasonal closet space not only saves you money, but clears your mind space anytime you get ready.  Follow these stylicious tips and you will be well on your way to perfectly organized closet spaces in your home:
1) Start.  Often starting is half the battle.
2) Purge any torn, worn, or out of style articles of clothing. Be sure to donate what you can and save some for rags for any future renovations/painting jobs.
3) Sort clothes into like items (e.g. blouses/dress shirts, sweaters, pants, blazers, casual, etc.)
4) Sort by colour (e.g. black, white, colours, etc.)
5) All blouses, dress shirts, pants, blazers, etc. should be hung on identical type and colour hangers. We recommend wood, grey or white.
6) All other items can be folded neatly into like piles.
7) Are you confused which items to purge and what to keep? Hang all hangers backwards and when you wear and clean a certain article of clothing, put the hanger back in the correct direction. Any items that are still pointing backwards in the fall...PURGE!
8) If you have the space and prefer to store your shoes in their box, take a picture of the pair of shoes and place the picture on the front of the box.
9) Use slide out hangers/hooks for scarfs, belts, ties
10) Use the valuable real estate on the back of the closet door for shoes, accessories, hooks, and/or a full length mirror.
11) Use baskets and/or drawers for small items like accessories, hand bags, socks, and underwear
12) Store any winter/fall items away for the season into baskets and/or plastic bins under the bed or into a cedar closet.

The picture above is provided by House and Home Magazine, which is a closet I, Karen Wardell, designed while working for California Closets.

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