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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Don’t Let Roses be a Thorn in Your Side

How to Prune your Rose Bushes:
1) Prune your roses 2x a year to keep them healthy and hearty. Prune late winter/early spring and finally in the fall to prepare for winter.
2) Remove any rose canes that are growing inward and any canes that are touching larger canes. Rose bushes do best with lots of breathing room.
3) Prune canes just above an existing bud.
4) Prune out any dead canes and dead buds from last season.
5) The best time to prune is when the buds begin to swell. If you prune too early, you risk frost affecting the plant. If you prune too late, your roses may weaken from the loss of sap.
6) Use clean, sharp shears and cut on the 45 facing down to prevent water from pooling. This also encourages an outer direction growth.
How to Fertilize your Roses:
1) Fertilize your rose 2-3 times a season. Once in early spring before they bloom and once again before they bloom in the fall. Some fertilize mid-season in July-August.
2) Use an organic based food matter to feed your roses There are many varieties readily available at your local garden center. Select a variety that has a high level of phosphorus which aids in the development of their roots and diminishes the threat of disease.
3) Mix approximately 1 cup of food per plant (refer to back of container) with 2-3 cups of top soil in bucket and mix thoroughly.
4) Spread mixture thoroughly into soil at the base of the rose bush.
5) Top with mulch to conserve nutrients.
6) Water nutrients into soil and ENJOY!
Follow these stylicious tips yearly and you will be on your way to a majestic rose garden for you and your family to enjoy throughout the season and for years to come.

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