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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

How to create a perfect photo collage!

All of us have great family photos and collectibles but are often challenged with how to display them in a stylicious manner.  Consider a wall collage to showcase family getaways, celebratory moments, and the interesting collectibles you have acquired over the years.  Here are some helpful tips to create a stylish collage:
  • Colour - The most stylicious collages keep the colour of the frames consistent.  E.g. All white, all black or in similar colours like white and silver
  • Style - The style can change granted the colour is the same.  You can combine vintage, modern, large, small, economical and/or expensive.  You can even change the matting to simple matting, detailed matting, or no matting and just having a great picture in a clear glass frame.  Try photo boxes for your artifacts.
  • Sizing - The best collages have varying sized frames.
  • Placement - They should be geometric overall (with all frames combined) and the best way to create that perfect shape is to lay out the frames you have in mind on the floor, use an A-Framed ladder and take an aerial picture of the potential layout.  Pictures often show the smallest of details that are out of place.  Once you have a layout that you like, you can make simple paper cut-outs of the frames and tape cut-outs (with low tack painters tape) to the wall.  Adjust accordingly.
  • Subject: The best collages keep the subject similar and relative.  Use photos with a similar theme like travel photos, family photos, artifacts, etc.  All photos should be in the same colour, black & white, or sepia.
Ultimately, a photo collage is best suited to you when it captures your memories and style.  Be sure to use the same coloured frames & photos.  Be creative on the sizes and shapes of the frames to create a perfect collage to meet your family needs and style!

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