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Monday, March 20, 2017

Declutter Your Life

Now that spring is upon us, it’s time when many of us do a full spring clean of our home.  Before I tackle a full spring clean, I make sure I declutter my space.  A full spring clean is definitely more efficient once the space is decluttered. Did you know that 1/3 of all of our stuff isn’t used? And 1/5 of our home is used for storage!  Physical clutter ultimately leads to mental clutter and can increase stress levels, increase anxiety, and affect your overall health.

Clutter Culprits:
1)      Impulse Clutter:  We all have it!!!  These are the items we purchase by ‘impulse’ while out & about shopping.  These are the blouses you buy and when you get home, you realized you have a handful of similar blouses and ultimately all of them are not even being worn now.  These are the hand tools you buy because you can’t find the ones you currently have.
How to tackle this clutter:
·         Have a specific home for all items in your home
·         Discard or donate any duplicates of items (hand tools, clothing, kitchen gadgets, etc.)
·         Purge closets & storage area (check out our Spring Clean Your Closet post)
·         Maintain a 1 in, 1 out habit – when you purchase a new article of clothing, discard or donate one.  When you buy a new kitchen gadget or utensil, discard or donate the older duplicate.

2)      Disposable Clutter: These are the items we hold on to thinking that we might need it or use it in the future and never do.
How to tackle this clutter:
·         Discard any broken, damaged, outdated items
·         Electronics – sell or discard any old phones, DVD players, computers, cords, etc.  Check your municipal electronic disposal policy.
·         Paperwork – every year when you do your taxes, shred and discard any old tax years (in Canada save for 7 years).  Use your smart phone to make to-do lists, shopping lists, etc. in order to eliminate all of those post-it notes around your home/office
·         Go through your entire fridge, freezer, & pantry and discard any expired food items
·         Do not have a junk drawer – everything should have a place in the home.  “Don’t put it down, put it away” Peter Walsh, Organizing Guru

3)      Emotional Clutter: These are the items we hold onto for sentimental reasons but end up taking up so much space that mentally it affects us in a negative way.
How to tackle this clutter:
·         Gifts – if you receive something that you don’t use, don’t like or don’t have the space to store, don’t feel bad by donating them.  I personally would not try selling an item I received as a gift, donating to a better home is my only option here.
·         Collectables or items you inherited – there is no need to keep the entire collection of collectables.  Select your favourite pieces of the collection and discard or donate any ones in disrepair and/or ones you have no connection with.  Take pictures of entire collection for future memorabilia.
·         Kid’s crafts & drawings – I recommend picking your top 5 favourite pieces per year and display or place in journal.  Take pictures of all the other wonderful creations your children create and then discard.  Sort all these pictures on a key drive and can be easily viewed for future memorabilia.

4)      Digital Clutter: In this day and age, we spend so much time on our computer & phone so doing a spring declutter on these items is equally important.
How to tackle this clutter:
·         Unsubscribe to ALL spam, junk, unwanted emails.  For the next couple of weeks, instead of just deleting all unwanted emails, be sure to click on email, scroll to bottom, and click on 'unsubscribe'.  This might take you a couple extra minutes over the next couple of weeks, but will save you a lot of time and mental stress in the future.
·         Social Media – Unfollow any negative nellies on your social media platforms.  Negative energy on your feed just allows that energy to come into your life.
·         Phones – clear photos off your phone at least monthly, organize and delete unwanted shots.  Also, delete any unused apps on your phone.
·         Computer Files – have minimal folders on your desktop.  Break in to main areas and subdivide within the folder e.g. home, family, personal, business. 
·         Create non-digital times/boundaries with your family e.g. no phones at dinner time, family time, movie night, game night, etc.  And be sure to put down your digital device 1 hour before bedtime.

Spring has sprung so it’s time to get our space & mind decluttered and cleaned.  For any assistance or questions with regards to decluttering your home, please contact us at (416)262-0609 we would be happy to help!  Happy Spring!

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