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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Spring Clean Your Home

Spring has sprung so it's time to spring clean your home.  Now that we have decluttered our space first (checkout our Declutter Your Life Post), it's time to tackle and clean some of the dirtiest items in our homes.  Here are some tips on how to clean those dirt traps in your home:

1) Cleaning Tools: Before you clean your home, ensure that the equipment you are using is cleaned and ready to tackle the entire home.
  • empty vacuum canisters of existing dirt and dust
  • clean interior of canister & wipe down exterior with water and vinegar (1:1 ratio)
2) Beds:
  • Remove all bedding & wash in hot water (wash weekly at a minimum)
  • Wash pillows seasonally & replace every couple of years
  • Mattress: Sprinkle with baking soda & vacuum, flip mattress and turn 180oC seasonally, finally sprinkle other side with baking soda & vacuum
3) Fans: Fans are a trap for dirt & allergens plus they move are around, depositing those allergens in the air your family breathes.
  • Cover area below fan with sheet or drop cloth
  • Spray with Water & Vinegar (1:1 ratio) and fully wipe down
  • Clean seasonally at a minimum
4) Carpets:  Did you know that carpets can hold up to 4 times their weight in dirt? 
  • Steam Clean your carpets seasonally
  • vacuum at least weekly.  More often if you have pets & young children
5) Tooth Brushes: They can carry more than 10 million bacteria on one brush.  YUCK!!!
  • Replace every 3 months
  • Don't flush where you brush.  Ensure your brushes are at least 3' away from the toilet & ultimately close lid on toilet before you flush.
  • Use products like Vio Light for smaller bathrooms
6) Cell Phones: In today's society, we are taking our phones everywhere and I mean everywhere.  They can carry up to 25,000 germs per square inch.
  • clean daily with microfiber cloth (be sure to remove case often and wipe down)
  • Spray lightly with water & alcohol and wipe down (weekly).  The alcohol is a drying agent so as long as you spray lightly & wipe down immediately, there is no concern for water damage
7) Handles & Switches:
  • Clean often with water & vinegar (1:1 ratio)

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