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Friday, April 28, 2017

2017 Design Trends

Every year comes with new trends not only in home décor but in fashion, web design, architecture, etc.  In the interior design world, 2017 brings some interesting trends and I hate to say it but the 80's are back.  Here are the top design trends for 2017:

I always say that lighting & light fixtures are the jewelry of the room.  This year's trend brings very abstract, art-like lighting often asymmetrical in various finishes like brass, pewter, antique bronze & black.  Also, Vintage Edison Light Bulbs are still very on trend.

This trend can be best utilized in décor accents like throw cushions, area rugs, accent chairs, linens, and outdoor accents.  Adding this trend to more accent pieces, allows you to economically update if the trend changes over the next couple of years.

It was announced months ago by Pantone that the colour of the year for 2017 is Greenery 15-0343.  This colour amongst other lavish colours like jewel tones, blues, pale pinks, etc. have definitely founds themselves into home décor this year.  2017 is definitely not the year to fear a pop of colour.  Once again, adding a pop of colour with your décor pieces like throw cushions, accent chairs, linens, is always a good option to embrace the trend and not be stuck with it for many years to come.

As I expressed, the 80's are back and with that comes brass.  However, the 2017 brass trend tends to be more muted brass like antique brass, pewter, and brushed brass.  This trend is perfect to incorporate into light fixtures, lamps, throw cushions, hardware, mirrors & décor pieces.

Out of all the 2017 design trends, this has to be my favourite and is the most versatile.  You can add this trend into flooring, back splashes, coffee tables, dining room tables, accent walls, and even décor pieces as Hand-Crafted/Artisanal products perfectly align with this trend. 

Gone are the days of everything being taupe, light brown, & beige.  We are seeing this trend utilized in kitchens & kitchen cabinetry, wall colours, furniture fabric, drapery, linens, and décor pieces.

As I always say, have fun with trends and embrace to the level you feel comfortable with.  I always recommend to my clients to select neutral & timeless finishes for their large ticket items and add trends into their décor pieces so they can be easily replaced if trend changes in years to come.  For any assistance on how these trends can be introduced into your home, contact me at anytime.

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