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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Staging Small Spaces

Home Staging is increasingly more important to get top dollar on your investment.  This is especially true now that the real estate market has quickly turned into a buyers market here in the GTA.  Even more important, is to stage small spaces.  Not only do people struggle to visualize the layout of a great room that has to incorporate the dining area, living room, and office space, but small spaces that are empty, look smaller than furnished ones.

Here are some Tips on Staging Small Spaces:

1) Add décor pieces that are silver, brass, metal, mirrored, and/or glass to reflect the light throughout the rooms.

2) Add large scale mirrors throughout the space.  Mirrors reflect the light throughout and increase the visual space in the room.  Mirrors can be tastefully added to dining areas, above console tables & dressers, in the foyer, and in bathrooms.

3) Use Multi-Functional Furniture Pieces.  Things like ottomans are perfect.  They can be visualized as additional seating as a bench or as a stool, footrest, and can even be used as end tables.  Ottoman with storage is ideal as you can store or tuck away your magazines, pillows, throws, books, etc. 

4) Use Condo/Small Scale Furniture.  Things like oversized arm rests on large couches just clutter the space and weigh it down.  Opt for thin, tailored, and streamlined pieces to keep the space as open as possible.  With the exception in bedrooms.  Remember if rooms are empty, they actually look smaller than furnished ones.  If a Queen Bed can fit, especially in condo master bedrooms, add one.  If buyers are questioning if a Queen Bed can actually fit in there, you have lost potential buyers.  
5) Add glass wherever possible.  When staging small spaces, select a couple glass pieces like dining tables, end tables, coffee tables, consoles, etc.  These pieces don't take away from the visual space in the room and can greatly open up the space while allowing you to place décor pieces and table lamps throughout.

6) Paint the space in a light paint colour like light grey or light taupe and in small spaces, use the same colour throughout.  This makes the space more uniform and appear larger.  

Best of luck with the sale of your property!  For any additional staging advice and/or if you have any questions, don't hesitate to call us at (416)262-0609.

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